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This website presents a complete German edition of Carl von Clausewitz's classic work on the theory of war, Vom Kriege. We do not know exactly which edition it was scanned from. This "book-by-book" version is divided into nine files: the front matter and the eight Books. We have also posted a "single-file version" for use by researchers interested in systematic searches and textual analysis. However, that single file is rather unwieldy, so we recommend this version for normal reading. For background on Clausewitz, visit our FAQs page.

Clausewitz drinking with other Prussian leaders in 1815

Above: Clausewitz drinking with other Prussian leaders in Mainz, 1815. (Painting ''Tafelrunde im von-der-Leyenschen Hof'' by Josef Schneider, 1966. This painting is displayed on The Clausewitz Homepage by courtesy of the Headquarters of the German Army Forces Command, Koblenz (HQ GARFCOM).

cover image Vom Kriege, by Carl von Clausewitz, ed. Werner Hahlweg.
From Amazon.de. Gebundene Ausgabe - Dümmler, Bonn. Erscheinungsdatum: 1991, 19. Auflage, Nachdruck.fl.
ISBN: 342782019X. This link goes to the 19th German edition published by Dümmlers, Clausewitz's original publisher. It was edited by the esteemed German scholar Werner Hahlweg and is considered the standard and most accurate edition.


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