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U.S. Army (Field Artillery)

Top Secret/SCI


Ph.D., Modern European and Military History, Purdue University, 1991
Ph.D. Advisor: Gunther E. Rothenberg
Dissertation: "The Reception of Clausewitzian Theory in Anglo-American Military Thought, 1815-1945" (517pp). Published as Clausewitz in English: The Reception of Clausewitz in Britain and America, 1815–1945 (New York: Oxford University Press, 1994).

M.A., American Diplomatic History, Ohio University, 1981
MA Advisor: John Lewis Gaddis

B.A., History, College of William and Mary, 1978
Academic Honors in Interdisciplinary Studies for thesis: "Tactical Nuclear Weapons: An Introduction for the General Reader"


Professor of International Security Studies, College of International Security Affairs (CISA/JSOMA), Washington, DC/Fort Bragg, NC, 2012-2023

• Editor and webmaster, (for the Clausewitz Studies Board), 2019-present

• Professor of Strategy, National War College, Washington, DC, 1999–2012

• Senior Analyst (USMC/J-7 contract), UNITECH, Dumfries, VA, 1999

• Analyst/Writer, USMC Concepts and Doctrine, via Computing Technologies, Inc., 1996–1998

• Editor and webmaster,, 1995-present

• Associate Professor of National Policy Issues, U.S. Army War College, 1994-96

• Assistant Professor of National Security Affairs, USMC Command and Staff College, 1992-94

• Olin Postdoctoral Fellow in Military History and National Security Studies, Ohio State University, 1991–92

• Instructor, Purdue University, 1989–91

• Graduate Assistant (Ph.D.), Purdue University, 1986–91

• Officer, United States Army, 1981–86 (Field Artillery)

• Graduate Assistant (MA), Ohio University and Army ROTC cadet, 1979–81



• Lead Editor/Translator, with Daniel Moran and Gregory Pedlow, Carl von Clausewitz and Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, On Waterloo: Clausewitz, Wellington, and the Campaign of 1815 (, 2010).

• Editor, with Bolko von Oettinger and Tiha von Ghyczy, Clausewitz on Strategy: Inspiration and Insight from a Master Strategist (Boston Consulting Group, publisher John Wiley & Sons, 2001). Also published in German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Turkish:

• Clausewitz: Strategie Denken (Münich: Hanser Verlag, 2001).

• La strategia di von Clausewitz. Riletta a uso dei manager (Etas, 2008).

• クラウゼヴィッツの戦略思考 ― 『戦争論』に学ぶリーダーシップと決断の質 (単行本) ティーハ・ フ ォン ギーツィー (著), クリストファー バ ス フォード (著), ボルコ・フォン アーティンガー 著, 原著, 原著, 原著, ボス ト ンコンサルティンググループ (翻訳), 翻

• 전쟁과 경영  클라우제비츠에게 배우는 전략의 지혜 (양장본) 보스턴컨설팅그룹 전략연구소 엮음 | 21 세기북스 펴냄 | 원제.

• Clausewitz o strategii (Warsaw: PWE, 2002).

• Clausewitz e a Estratégia (Rio de Janeiro: Editora Campus Ltda., 2002).

• Стратегия управления по Клаузевицу, Предисловие института стратегии, 2002. (ISBN: 5-94599-042-6)

• Clausewitz ve Strateji, Yayinevi: Optimist Yayın Dağıtım Baskı Tarih: Şubat 2010. ISBN: 9786055655198

• Clausewitz in English: The Reception of Clausewitz in Britain and America, 1815–1945 (New York: Oxford University Press, 1994).

• The Spit-Shine Syndrome: Organizational Irrationality in the American Field Army (Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1988).


• Editor and Webmaster, The Clausewitz Homepage, 1995–present

• Editor and Webmaster,, AUG 2019–present

USMC Doctrine

• Contributor, MCDP 1, Warfighting, 1997.

• Author, MCDP 1-1, Strategy, 1997. See full original draft on-line as Policy, Politics, War, and Military Strategy (revised 2006-2019).

• Author, MCDP 1-2, Campaigning, 1997. (This was a thorough rewrite of FMFM 1-1, Campaigning, 1990.)

• Author, MCWP 5-1, Marine Corps Planning (Coordinating Draft, 1997).

• Author, MCWP 2-15.3, Ground Reconnaissance Operations (Draft, 1998).

• Author, MCWP 3-2, Aviation Operations (Coordinating Draft, 1998).


• Working paper, "Clausewitz's Categories of War and the Supersession of 'Absolute War.'", 2016, current edit: 16 MAR 2020.

•  [Translation from German.] Paul Donker, "The Evolution of Clausewitz's Vom Kriege: a reconstruction on the basis of the earlier versions of his masterpiece," trans. Christopher Bassford,, August 2019. This is a translation of Paul Donker, "Die Entwicklung von Clausewitz' Vom Kriege: Eine Rekonstruktion auf der Grundlage der früheren Fassungen seines Meisterwerks," in the Clausewitz-Gesellschaft's Jahrbucher 2017, 14–39.

•  [Translation from French.] T. Derbent, "Clausewitz, Mao, and Maoism" ["Clausewitz, Mao et le maoïsme"], Complément à Clausewitz et la guerre populaire paru dans la revue Clarté rougen°4, Bruxelles, mai 2013, pp. 13-29. n Current draft [11,600 words.]

• Working paper, "Tiptoe Through the Trinity, or The Strange Persistence of Trinitarian Warfare,", 26 July 2019.

[Forthcoming, translation from German.] Zhang Yuanlin, "Mao Zedong's references to Clausewitz" [Mao Zedongs Bezugnahme auf Clausewitz], Archiv für Kulturgeschichte Volume 81: Issue 2, published online 1 Dec 1999. To appear in [Current draft is here.]

• "Clausewitz and His Works,", 1994–2023.

• "Clausewitz's Categories of War," in Future Wars: Storia della distopia militare, ed. Virgilio Ilari [President, Società Italiana di Storia Militare] (Acies Edizioni Milano, 2016).

• "Clausewitz in America Today," Clausewitz Gesellschaft, Reiner Pommerin, ed., Clausewitz Goes Global: Carl von Clausewitz in the 21st Century [Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Clausewitz Society] (Berlin: Carola Hartmann Miles Verlag, 2011), pp.342–356.

• "Introduction," to Carl von Clausewitz and Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, et al., On Waterloo: Clausewitz, Wellington, and the Campaign of 1815 (, 2010), pp.1–13.

• "The Strange Persistence of Trinitarian Warfare," in Ralph Rotte and Christopher Schwarz, International Security and War: Policy and Grand Strategy in the 21st Century (New York: Nova Science, 2010), pp.45–54.

• "The Primacy of Policy and the 'Trinity' in Clausewitz's Mature Thought," in Hew Strachan and Andreas Herberg-Rothe, eds., Clausewitz in the Twenty-First Century (Oxford University Press, 2007), pp.74–90.

• "Interpreting the Legacy of Clausewitz," Joint Forces Quarterly no.35 (Summer 2003), pp.18–19.

• "Doctrinal Complexity: Nonlinearity in Marine Corps Doctrine," in Gary Horne and Frank Hoffman, eds., Maneuver Warfare Science, MCU Press, 1998.

• Biographical essay, "Carl von Clausewitz," in Frank N. Magill, ed., Great Lives from History: Renaissance to 1900 (Pasadena: Salem Press, 1989).

• Review essay, Carl von Clausewitz, On War, in Defense Analysis, June 1996.

• (with Edward Villacres), "Reclaiming the Clausewitzian Trinity," Parameters, Autumn 1995.

• "John Keegan and the Grand Tradition of Trashing Clausewitz," War in History, November 1994.

• "Wellington on Clausewitz," in Gordon C. Bond and John Rooney, Jr., The Consortium on Revolutionary Europe, 1750-1850: Proceedings, 1992 (Tallahassee, FL: Florida StateUniversity, 1993).

• "Jomini and Clausewitz: Their Interaction,", 1993.

• "Cohesion, Personnel Stability, and the German Model," Military Review, October 1990.

Book Reviews:

• Theodore Roosevelt, The Naval War of 1812 (Annapolis: Naval Institute Press, 1882/1987); James Pack, The Man Who Burned the White House  (Annapolis: Naval Institute Press, 1987), in Indiana Journal of Military History, vol.13, no.3 (1988).

• John B. Hattendorf, England in the War of the Spanish Succession: A Study of the English View and Conduct of Grand Strategy, 17021712 (New York: Garland, 1987), in The International History Review, vol.X, no.4 (November 1988).

• Charles W. Ingrao, The Hessian Mercenary State: Ideas, Institutions, and Reform Under Frederick II, 17601785 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1987), in The International History Review, vol.XI, no.2 (May 1989).

• Charles C. Moskos and Frank R. Wood, eds., The Military: More Than Just a Job? (London: Pergamon-Brassey's, 1988), in the Journal of Political and Military Sociology, vol.17, no.1 (Spring–Summer 1989).

• Carl von Clausewitz, eds./trans. Peter Paret and Daniel Moran, Historical and Political Writings (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1992), The International History Review, vol.XIV, no.4 (November 1992).

• Peter Paret, Understanding War: Essays on Clausewitz and the History of Military Power (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1992), The International History Review, vol.XVI, no.3 (August 1994).

• Jan F. Triska, The Great War's Forgotten Front: A Soldier's Diary and a Son's Reflections (New York: Columbia University Press, 1998), The Austrian History Yearbook, v.XXX (1999).

• Victor Davis Hanson, Carnage and Culture: Landmark Battles in the Rise of Western Power (New York: Doubleday, 2001),, 15 January 2003.

• "Reviewing a Reviewer: Puzzling over Gregg Easterbrook's review of Jared Diamond,", 2005.

Newspaper Articles/Op-Eds (Author not responsible for headlines)

• "Our Military Defeats Itself," Newsday, 11 September 1988.

• "How the Military Boosts the Nation's Social Goals," Newsday, 6 October 1989.

• "What Do We Have to Do? Topple Hussein," Newsday, 5 August 1990.

• "And Keep the Political Ends in Mind," Los Angeles Times, 5 September 1990.

• "A Job for the American Military," Chicago Tribune, 10 October 1990.

• "Protesters Trying to Stop the Last War," Newsday, 16 November 1990.

• "What Wars Can We Find for the Military Now?" Newsday, 17 September 1991.

• "Somalia Puzzle: Can We Get Out?" Newsday, 8 December 1992.

• "Victories Now Are as Heroic as Those Past," Newsday, 3 May 1994.

• "Unity Over Using Troops is Rare," Newsday, 7 December 1995.

• "Europe, Not `Indian Country,' Shapes the Army," Newsday, 26 September, 1996.

• "Dole's Loss Was World War II's Final Bow," Newsday, 11 November, 1996.

• "Use Brains, Not Fears, to Set Bosnia Policy," Newsday, 25 September, 1997.

• "Ryan Shows the Ugly Truth About War's Violence," Newsday, 3 September, 1998.

• "Reviving Draft Would Wound the Nation," Newsday, 2 December 1998.

• "We Have To Go All Out In Kosovo," Newsday, 13 April 1999.

• "Kerry Case Should Be Case Study," Newsday, 29 May 2001.

• "U.S. Must Conquer Delusions on Fighting Terrorism," Newsday, 19 September 2001

• "War View: We can't predict the outcome but action is vital," BBC News, 26 October 2001.

• "We're At War and It's World War IV," Newsday, 14 January 2003.

• "Bushies Vex U.S. Military—but It Isn't War," Newsday, 3 February 2004.

• "Bringing Real Life to American Strategy in Afghanistan," Small Wars Journal, 3 March 2012.

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