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This page shows images of Clausewitz's great 19th-century competitor, the Swiss/French historian and theorist Antoine-Henri Jomini (1779-1869). See Wikipedia articles on him in English, French, German, and Russian. We were dubious about some of the images below but have now confirmed most of them. Also see bibliographical data on Jomini.

Jomini, drawing from life We believe that this drawing, a study for a painting of Jomini in late middle-age (by Marc-Charles-Gabriel Gleyre in 1859), is in the collection of the town museum of Payerne, Switzerland (Jomini's home town). The museum maintains a permanent exposition on him. See more variations on this study below.


Jomini, photo

Jomini, photograph, provenance unknown.

A-H Jomini, provenance unknown A-H Jomini, late in life—provenance unknown.

Jomini's Tomb, MontmartreJomini's tomb, Montmartre, 1869

A-H Jomini

Jomini Click image above for a larger version.

Jomini c.1813 Jomini. British Museum, item# number 1901,1022.438

Gleyre-Jomini, 1859

Above and below: portrait of General Jomini. Oil on canvas by Marc-Charles-Gabriel Gleyre, circa 1858 (Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts in Lausanne; photograph Jean-Claude Ducret). By official order of the Vaud Council of State in 1858, the portrait was executed in Paris by Charles Gleyre and delivered to Lausanne in 1859. He wears the uniform of a lieutenant-general of the Russian army, his last military rank, and sports the decorations received from the Tsar and Louis XVIII.

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See below some preparatory studies.

Jomini: Another sketch

Jomini:Antoine de Jomini, buste en bronze, d'après un plâtre de Adèle d'Affry, alias Marcello (1864). Musée de l'Abbatiale de Payerne, 1864.Jomini:Antoine de Jomini, buste en bronze, d'après un
plâtre de Adèle d'Affry, alias Marcello, 1864.

(from Wikimedia Commons)

Jomini in military miniature Jomini: the military miniature.

Jomini Coffee Cup

Coin Jomini medallion: France Medal 1969 Centième Anniversaire de la mort du Général Jomini

A bust in Jomini's hometown, Payerne, Switzerland.

A fuller view of the bust in situ. A fuller view.

Jomini, by Hungarian artist Mihály Zichy (in German Michael von Zichy), 1827–1906.
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A-H Jomini

Jomini, by George Dawe (1781–1829). Dr. Jonathan Abel tells us (13 OCT 2021) that this portrait was probably painted before 1825, according to the provenance provided by The Hermitage, in Saint Persburg, Russia, which holds the painting in its collection. Below: A modern variation on the Dawe painting. Source unknown.

Source unknown. After George Dawe.

A-H Jomini, by J.D. Muneret (1859)

Antoine-Henri de Jomini, by Jean Desire Muneret (1811)

A-H Jomini

A-H Jomini

A-H Jomini

A-H Jomini

A-H Jomini(Jomini morphing into Clausewitz.)

Antoine-Henri de JominiAntoine-Henri Jomini, 1820s. Artist unidentified.

A-H Jomini

A-H Jomini

Jomini Comix, 1944

One of 6 pages starring Jomini from the comic-book series It Really Happened.
This appeared in 1944. See relevant blog post.

Jomini, very aged. Jomini, very aged.

The picture below is Antoine-Henry Jomini's son, a Russian diplomat.
Alexander Jomini (or Zhomini) (1814-1888).

Photo, Aleksandr Genrihovich Zhomini (1814-1888)


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