Dr. Michael Handel was a Professor of Naval Strategy at the U.S. Naval War College from 1990 to his death in 2001. He was an expert on strategic theory, nature and operations of war, and the future of warfare. He held a Ph.D in Government from Harvard University. For seven years (1983-1990) he was Professor of National Security Affairs at the U.S. Army War College. He was a member of the Olin Institute for Strategic Studies at the Center for International Affairs at Harvard, founder and U.S. editor of the journal Intelligence and National Security, and author of numerous books on theory and practice of war including Masters of War: Sun Tzu, Clausewitz and Jomini (1992); Intelligence and Military Operations (1990); and War, Strategy, and Intelligence (1989). He was an authority on the problem of strategic surprise, and on the methodology and theoretical aspects of intelligence. His interests included the future of naval warfare and the role of navies in intervention. At the time of his death, he was working on a book on multi-front warfare, and on studies of comparative strategic theory.

Contact Information: Dr. Handel was a member of the Strategy and Policy Department of the U.S. Naval War College, in Newport, Rhode Island, (401) 841-2032. 

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