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A growing number of writers have noted the interesting—and useful—congruence between Clausewitz's world-view and that of modern nonlinear mathematics and the science reflected in Complexity Theory. Because this way of approaching Clausewitz is so different from the traditional military and historical approach, The Clausewitz Homepage has created this separate section devoted to its pursuit. Many of the items linked are also part of the traditional section.


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Illustrations of Chaotic Systems
Some useful images, videos, animations, Java apps, and Flash demos.

An Introduction to Chaos — David M. Harrison, (Department of Physics, U. Toronto)
See also: The Three-Body Problem Illustrated

Clausewitz, Nonlinearity and the Unpredictability of War — Alan D. Beyerchen (Department of History, Ohio State University), International Security, 17:3 (Winter, 1992). Probably the most important article on Clausewitz since 1976.

Fractals — Definitions and links
(See also NOVA video, "Hunting the Hidden Dimension: Mysteriously beautiful fractals are shaking up the world of mathematics and deepening our understanding of nature." Aired October 28, 2008 on PBS

Clausewitz and Nonlinearity Bibliography — from The Clausewitz Homepage

Nonlinearity and Military Affairs — A working bibliography put together by Tom Czerwinski, Information Resources Management College, National Defense University, in 1999

Illustration: "The Butterfly Effect" 2

Illustration: A "Fitness Landscape"

Illustration: "The Butterfly Effect" 1


ISAAC - Dr. Andy Ilachinski (CNA)

More of Ilachinsky's work at CNA "If the Interstate System Were Designed by a Slime Mold"

Self-Organized Terrorist-Counterterrorist Adaptive Coevolutions, Part I: A Conceptual Design

Michael Cross, Professor of Theoretical Physics, CalTech

Military Applications of Chaos Theory (Air University)

Emergence: Complexity & Organization
An International Transdisciplinary Journal of Complex Social Systems

Cliodynamics logo

Cliodynamics: The Journal of Theoretical and Mathematical History

The 2011 special issue, the journal's second edition, leads with an editorial, "An Inquiry Into History, Big History, and Metahistory," by SFI Faculty Chair David Krakauer, John Gaddis (Yale University), and Kenneth Pomeranz (UC Irvine). The authors define "history" as the study of written records, "big history" as all reconstructions of the past that do not rely on written materials, and "metahistory" as the "patterns that emerge from both modes of inquiry that make generalization, and hence analysis, possible."

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