Dr. Christopher Bassford

Chris has been a part of the USMC CBRS contract staff since its inception. The blend of qualifications he brings to our work is exceptional. He is a military historian, a superb writer, a keen analyst, and very computer literate. He deserves a big chunk of credit for the immense success the contract has enjoyed over the past year. He single-handedly authored two major, high-level doctrinal publications (Strategy and Campaigning) that set the framework for all Marine Corps warfighting publications. Campaigning and Strategy have since been signed by the Commandant of the Marine Corps, published, and disseminated to Marines throughout the world. Not a small feat considering the intense, USMC-wide review process these high-level publications were subjected to before CMC approval.

He was also able to do what many before him had attempted but failed in doing over the years: He wrote the warfighting publication USMC Operational Planning. This publication, for the first time, captured clearly and concisely the latest processes for Marine Corps staff planning for combat operations. He dealt with a very demanding sponsor in producing this publication and exceeded their every expectation. CoTs enjoyed praise from both the sponsor and the COTR for that achievement.

He has an incredible capability to absorb large amounts of information and render them into concise groups of meaningful text. As a result Chris has, on occasion, been challenged by his Task Leader to "tighten up" the works of others before they go to final edit and delivery. Again, CoTs received compliments on works which have so passed through his scrutiny and adjustment.

Chris's accomplishments and practice of seizing opportunities to inform potential customers of CoTs' capabilities have contributed significantly to CoTs' Marine Corps contract growth.

COTS Management, Dumfries Office